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Employers receive tailored coaching programs based on their culture and strategic objectives which seamlessly integrate into their HR platform. Employees are matched exclusively with university* certified coaches and meet anytime, anywhere by phone, video conference and unlimited messaging.

*All of our coaches have completed the most rigorous coaching education from leading universities, primarily Columbia University and
New York University.

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Goals can be customized and are weighted and powered by a sophisticated algorithm when recommending employee-to-coach matches. Sessions are scheduled online and completed anytime, anywhere by phone or video conference.

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to us.

Coaching has proven to enhance engagement, but it is a cost prohibitive benefit that is offered primarily to senior executives. Not anymore.

Programs start at $500 per year.
Partnering with people-first companies.
We partner with people-first companies to increase engagement and deepen connections with self, others and the world.
“We worked closely with the Goalspriing team to craft a coaching program tailored specifically to our people, culture and goals. Goalspriing has been a wonderful addition to our Learning & Development Program at Kickstarter!”
Katie, Knowledge Manager at Kickstarter
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